Maybe we are just spoiled. These days we have the opportunity to increase a lot of knowledge trough the internet and there is a good and a bad in it.

The good is obvious, the world is open for us, we see all what’s going on in the world and we are not limited by our own surroundings. There is a mountain of information available of everything that one can become, learn, do, visit, see, experience, feel, taste and so much more. So much information. It’s like a big unlimited playground. Choose whatever you want, whatever makes you happy. And … check out other peoples lives and let yours be known too.

The downside?

It’s not the things you have that makes you happy, but it’s your imagination about the things you don’t have. But once you have it, you find it’s unfulfilling and so you keep on searching for something to fill that emptiness. For example, what if you lived in Africa, let’s say in a tribe without the modern facilities we’re used to. What if your mayor priority was food and you are happy and you enjoy life as it is. How can you miss all the things you can become if you aren’t aware they even exist? Then tell me, is that kind of happiness not better then chasing a happiness because of all the things you want/expect from life just because you know it exists, but may not ever reach it…?