Little piece of happiness

2nd day of Christmas with my family. It was nice to be together again. My aunt & uncle had a lovely surprise. They brought a videotape from 1994 with them and we all sat down to watch it.

I didn’t know or couldn’t remember that we ever had video recordings. But my aunt told us she had found many videotapes of birthdays and special occasions. This tape in particularly was the birthday of my grandma. It was one of our family picknicks. Many children all over the place, playing everywhere, our uncles playing jeu de boules. Aunties surrounding grandma. Some lazy in the grass or playing along with the other kids. Only happy faces.

One of the special parts was to see our loved ones that we lost along the way. Seeing and hearing the sweet voice of grandma. And the same with grandpa. Listening to what he said and the way he said it. This man, with his sweet, smiling eyes, proud and far from arrogant. To see the similarities with my dad made me feel so warm. Then also my funny uncle, who died because of an heart attack in what suppose to be the middle of his life, leaving his wife and 3 young children behind. Seeing him joking around, turning smiles upon all our faces.

And then of course mom…

As I heard my sister saying she recognized her voice, I was really shocked that I didn’t… But in her movements I saw my sisters and myself. I haven’t seen her in almost 15 years. I mean, I have pictures, but her movement, her facial expressions before she speaks, the exact words she choose to use, her sound. How she cared that day for my little nephew who was feeling sick, giving him some extra attention and love. Now I remember her again and God… I miss her so much… I miss them so much.

It was a great time and today, for just a moment we were there again. Leaving all worries, pain and struggles behind and it was beautiful…