Big Old Tree

I got this secret place. Well, to be honest, not really secret… as everybody can see me.

But somehow this place feels special, relaxed. A place where I can take my mind off of everything and just have those honest talks with myself. Making me see things clear and not being distracted by our hasty way of living. That’s what I love so much about nature. It is relaxing, accepting and true. Need to do this more often.

bigoldtreeThis secret place is just across the water, under a beautiful big old tree. Today was a sunny day. And towards the setting of the sun, some people try to enjoy the last hours of this day. Making a final round on their boats with a happy, fulfilling and hmmm… sometimes even arrogant smiles on their face.

As I’m sitting here under my tree watching the sun disappear, leaving only a strange purple, pink glow behind. I try to capture that moment as you can see in the picture, knowing these beautiful colors probably won’t last that long. As the earth keeps on turning, Europe prepares itself for the moon, the colors change into the blue of an early evening shade. Funny how you try to freeze these moments making pictures but looking at the result, it’s just not the same. Wish I could share them with you.

I’m confused this evening. Well, actually confused for a long time now. It’s like you grow up believing something and as you grow older you find out that things aren’t the way you always thought they were. Like, I was convinced my daddy knew everything. And was always right … at least that’s how I was taught. Then suddenly your world gets a little bigger and you find more treasures life brings, different ways of seeing things. There are so many people that know things so much better than my daddy ;). And of course if I had kids, I would and could only teach them what I know.

Sure … I learned really great lessons… but in it, there is also disappointment cause what I think to be the truth right now, somehow keeps on changing. So what does that say about right now. This moment. Would life be better if it were like this big old tree? Steady and standing firmly in the ground. It is as it is. Ah no, I guess that’s just not how we are built.